Jews On The Street

Bobby Blatt '12
President of JOTS

The mission of the Jews On The Street (JOTS) program is to promote expressions of Jewish religion and culture in Princeton University eating clubs. Jots achievs this goal by funding, planning, and facilitating Jewish programming in and across eating clubs.

Jewish events at Princeton have historically been limited to specific Jewish religious sites, like the Chabad House and center for Jewish Life. Nevertheless, Prospect Avenue ("the Street") and its eating clubs undoubtedly represent the center of Princeton's social scene. Through the JOTS program we hope to provide Princeton's social nucleus with distinctly Jewish element.

The JOTS program is run by a coordinator, or president, and up to two representatives from each eating cclub with significant assistance from Chabad's Programming Director, Gitty Webb. The president is responsible for organizing JOTS meetings, supervising the club representatives, and executing at least one "Street-wide" event (an event that includes all JOTS reps and is open to all Princeton students) per year. each club representative is responsible for executing at least one "club-specific" event (an event that may be limited to the members of that representative's eating club) per semester.

The 2011-2012 academic year was the second year of JOTS programming. We have succeeded in bringing on more representatives, executing more events, and consequently increasing recognition of the JOTS brand and the Jewish presence in Princeton eating clubs.

The future of JOTS looks brighter. As the program grows older and gains further recognition through its events, finding club representatives and planning future events will become easier. Successful events are repeated year after year, like the Ivy Seder and Terrace Sukkot party, are expected by eating club memberships. Last year's experimental new events become next year's institutionalized events.

We hope that JOTS programming will join the litany of special parties and events expected, institutionalized, and enjoyed on Prospect Avenue year after year.