Learn about our weekly study opportunities including Sinai Scholars, Advanced Jewish Learning, Dinner and Discussion, Shabbat Dinner, and much more!

All Week
Peer-to-Peer Learning with Rabbi Bentzi Brook, Rabbi Eitan Webb, or Gitty Webb

For 2000 years Yeshiva's have used the Chavruta system. This peer-to-peer approach to learning allows each person to really engage with the text and to process it at every level. Now, with this program, we wanted to invite you to partake in this system. All learning sessions will be text-based in English or Hebrew as per your preference in the topic of your choosing.

Lunch & Learn | 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm at TI
Learn about the weekly Torah portion and its relevance to our lives. Texts will be available in Hebrew and English.
Taught by Gitty Webb. SIGN UP HERE WEEKLY

Talmud 101 | 4:45 pm - 6:30 pm
The Talmud is the mainstay of the Jewish oral tradition. In collaboration with the creators of the content for the Sinai Scholars Society, explore the ancient texts through an interactive model of study with a focus of Talmudic methodology through the lens of the classic commentaries. This 8 week course aims to take students who have never been afforded a day school education or studied in an Israeli Yeshiva program and engage them in a way that the students will be able to gain the skills necessary for their continuation on their own. No formal Jewish educational background needed.
Taught by Rabbi Bentzi Brook

Jewish Mysticism | 7:45 - 9:00 
Come experience an in-depth examination of Jewish mysticism, exploring knowledge, faith, and education. Everyone is welcome! Taught by Rabbi Bentzi Brook.   SIGN UP HERE


In-Depth Gemara L'iyun Program
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Sinai Scholars | 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
The Ten Commandments constitute an ethical core that has guided us for three thousand years. Examine the core values that guide a moral society: love and respect, gratitude and loyalty, faith and integrity. Debate opposing principles as you consider the self vs. others, truth vs. kindness, making the most of now vs. sacrificing for future goals. 
Taught by Rabbi Eitan Webb. REGISTRATION CLOSES September 25 - SIGN UP HERE 


New this year!  Every Thursday Rabbi Yossi Wolf, a Rabbinic intern from Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch in Brooklyn, will be joining our staff.  Sign up here to study any topic of your choice with him.

Shabbat Dinners
As the sun goes down on a Friday eve, our bodies and souls go through a spiritual rejuvenation. Join us here at Chabad as we celebrate Shabbat. With great discussions, guest professors and lecturers, and superb gourmet dinners - every Shabbat at Chabad is unique and special. See what your ancestors have been doing for 3300 years, exactly the same way.
Reservations are requested but not necessary. SIGN UP HERE WEEKLY