Executive Board
The student board helps plan and produce innovative programming on campus, and is a vital part of the Chabad Team.

President Kobi Tsesarsky '19
Vice President Miranda Rosen '18
Treasurer Avital Fried '20
Secretary Marina Finley '19
PR Chairs Tamar Willis '19
Shabbat Chair Isaac Wolfe '20
Holidays and Events Chairs Shana Salomon '18 and Mayya Velitskaya '18
Social Chairs Max Parsons '20, Jacob Berman '20
Members at Large Jake Levin '18
Presidents Emeritus Tehila Stone '17, Hillel Friedman '17

What we do: click here for position descriptions.

JOTS Board
The mission of the Jews On The Street (JOTS) program is to promote expressions of Jewish religion and culture in Princeton University eating clubs. JOTS achieves this goal by funding, planning, and facilitating Jewish programming in and across eating clubs.

Jeremy Cohen '16 Jason Adler '17
Ariel Becker '18 Visala Alagappan '17
Maddy Cohen '16 Sara Malamut '17
Rachel Margulies '16 Yasmeen Almog '17
Ella Kesaiva '16 Nick Safian '17
Molly Reiner '17 Cara Haas '16
Mark Aksen '17 EJ Weiss '17
Rachel Marek '17 Ben Cohen '18

Banot Board
Banot is the only all-female Jewish group at Princeton University.

Olivia Allen '18
Gabi Agus '18

Mayya Velitskaya '18
Rebecca Sobel '19
Amelia Warshaw '16

Reina Gabai '16

Sinai Scholars Board
Sinai Scholars is the premier learning program through which students grapple with the tents and the texts of Judaism at the Chabad House.

Joseph Carlstein '18
Theodore Furchtgott '18